Silver Lining Pendant


The Silver Lining Pendant is part of Helen Gifford’s Urchin collection, striking a fine balance between the organic and elegant. Handcrafted by the artist herself in her New York studio, each sculptural pendant is comprised of hundreds of satin spun bulbs suspended by a metal armature, collaborating to give off a variegated effect on their immediate surroundings. Light comes from a single bulb inside the pendant, giving it a soft, living glow. Available in sizes ranging from 14″ to 48″ in diameter, or with clear bulbs as the Urchin Pendant and Upstream Chandelier.

Dimensions: Ranging from 14″ x to 48″D. Over 20″D the fixture begins to take on an oval shape and height is reduced by approx. 25%.

Materials: Metal armature, satin-spun bulbs, clear cord and canopy.

Lamping: One standard incandescent bulb. Fixtures with a diameter of 16″ or less, 75W max. 18″ and above 100W max.

Item number: LI101

Price: $3540 (16″), $5220 (20″), $7740 (24″)

Note: Can also be made as a flush mount fixture or wall sconce. Priced upon request.


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