Ring Pendant


The Ring Pendant by CTO Lighting explores Chiaroscuro, the effect of using of high contrast light and shadow in artwork to achieving a unique level of depth. Hanging from black silk braided flex, the Ring Pendant utilizes hand-rolled satin brass or bronze rings of alternating depths to explore this effect. Light passes through the caverns between the rings, the height differential creating a playground for light and shadow alike. Even when off, the height differential gives both fascinating depth and volume to the piece, as natural shadows form within the rings and grace the bronze or satin brass finish. Equally beautiful both on and off, this sculptural playground is breathtaking at all hours. The Ring collection can be had not only as the Ring Pendant, which takes the effect to new heights, but as the Ring Wall Sconce, Ring Tall Wall Sconce, and Ring Table Lamp as well.

Dimensions: 4″W x 9″H.

Materials / Finishes:  Satin brass or bronze with black silk braided flex.

Lamping: 1 x E12, 6w – 2700k – LED only.

Item number: LI258

Price: $2,025


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  • Ring Tall Wall Sconce

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  • Ring Wall Sconce

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  • Ring Table Lamp

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