Oracle Twin Chandelier


The Oracle Twin Pendant by Christopher Boots is a bridge between classical and 21st century design. In classical antiquity, an Oracle was both a place and a person through which worlds seen and unseen could momentarily touch. Linking realms, the Oracle takes its form from this other-worldly communication, with brass interlocking rings inlaid with LED bands frozen in mid-air, bridging materials and philosophies into an awe inspiring blend of design. Shown as the Twin, with two  interlocking brass rings, the Oracle Pendant is also available in Single or Triplet configurations, with one or three rings respectively, or as the endlessly customizable Custom pendant. Each configuration is offered in a variety of sizes, and finished from a selection of brasses and bronzes.


600-in / 600-ex: 39.4″ L x 23.6″ D x Adjustable Height

600-in / 900-ex: 45.3″ L x 35.4″ D x Adjustable Height

900-in / 900-ex: 51.2″ L x 35.4″ D x Adjustable Height

1200-in / 1200-ex: 70.9″ L x 47.2″ D x Adjustable Height

Materials / Finishes: Brass ring finished in Aged Brass, Brushed Brass, Hand Rubbed Brass, Dark Bronze, or Mottled Patina with Angled or Vertical Cable Suspension.

Lamping: Integrated 24v WW 2700k+ dimmable LED

Item number: LI473

Price: Twin 600-in / 600-ex: $14,493| Twin 600-in / 900-ex: $18,947| Twin 900-in / 900-ex: $20,500| Twin 1200-in / 1200-ex: $23,301

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