Mantis Fulcrum Table Lamp


The Mantis Fulcrum Table Lamp by Joseph Pagano is a work of art inspired by modern, timeless design, and a passion for working with natural materials. Each piece of wood for the Mantis series’ geometric base is hand-picked, making every lamp a one of a kind sculptural creation. The glass globes are mouth-blown and hand finished in New York, and are suspended by beautiful milled and hand finished bronze metalwork, the globe’s welcoming glow highlighting the juxtaposition of modern metalwork and raw, natural wood. The bronze arm is hinged at the midpoint of the rod, creating a fulcrum effect with hand finished wood adorning the far end of the  rod, balancing the decadent glass globe. The Mantis can be had without the fulcrum element, as a Studio Table Lamp, or wall mounted as the Studio Sconce, as well as the shown Fulcrum Table Lamp, with the designers technique and attention to detail on full display in any configuration.

Dimensions: 24″H, with arm 36″L. 7″ glass globe. Dimensions vary by piece.

Materials: Available in a number of metal finishes and glass colors. Unique wood options vary by piece.

Lamping: 40W carbon filament or similar included. UL approved.

Item number: LI284

Price: Please contact us for pricing.


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