Lure Sconce

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Each blossom—a unique, delicate arrangement. At once open and closed, the flower’s light and shadow lure one into its contemplative depths.  Lure Chandelier 6, from PELLE, transforms a flower’s transient beauty into a lasting light. In this fixture, a cast paper flower is spot lit by a suspended LED light source. Held by a slender brass arc, the light shines brightly on a blossom built of hand-sculpted petals, displaying texture, structure, and delicacy. The white flower reflects light, providing a source of soft illumination.  Lure can be arranged in endless combinations, scattering like fallen petals across the surface of a wall or ceiling.

Dimensions: 19”L x 15”H x 14”D. Magnolia:  8-11”D x 5”W.

Materials: 100% Cast Cotton Paper, Solid Brass Components, LED.

Finishes:  Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Mottled Brass.

Lamping:  120V LED, 8W, 2700K, dimmable external driver included. UL Listed.

Item Number:  LI429

Price:  Starting at $5450



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