Lure Chandelier 6


The Lure Chandelier 6, by PELLE, is part of the Lure Collection, each blossom a unique, delicate arrangement. At once open and closed, the flower’s light and shadow lure one into its contemplative depths. The Lure Collection transforms a flower’s transient beauty into a lasting light, with LED light sources held by slender brass arcs, their light shining brightly hand-sculpted paper blossoms displaying texture, structure, and delicacy. The white flower reflects light, providing a source of soft illumination. The cast cotton paper flowers are sculpted by hand, allowing each blossom’s petals to be individually shaped, and making each and every Lure fixture unique. Unlike wood-based paper, the cotton paper is archival in quality, extremely durable, and has been known to last for more than a hundred years. The Lure Chandelier 6 can also be had as a 21″ pendant, taller 30″ pendant, or sconce, with variety as endless as the petals themselves.

Dimensions:  72”W x 30”D x 48”H.

Materials: 100% Cast Cotton Paper, Solid Brass Components, LED.

Finishes:  Polished Bronze, Satin Brass, Mottled Brass.  Paper flower options: white magnolia or red poppy.  Shown in polished brass with white magnolia flowers.

Lamping:  120V LED, 80W, 2700K, dimmable external driver included. UL Listed.

Item Number:  LI429

Price:  Prices range from $36,150 to $41,490, depending on finish and other factors.


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