Fulcrum Pendants


The Fulcrum Pendant, by Materia Designs, is part of the Fulcrum Collection. A study in contrasts, the Fulcrum Pendant juxtaposes smooth, hand-cut calfskin or natural goatskin parchment with the patina of raw, hand-finished brass and the richness of hardwood. Available both as a Sconce and Pendant, the Fulcrum Collection’s parchments are considered “living” materials, and can change shape or shift during acclimatization or due to changes in heat or humidity once installed.

Dimensions: Small, 6.5″D x 6″H shade; 24″OAH. Medium, 8 3/8″D x 10″H shade; 32″ OAH. Large, 13″D x 17.5″H shade; 47.5″ OAH.

Materials: Shades in calfskin or parchment; brass arms and ceiling plate. Several finish options.

Item number: LI317

Price: Small, $3,600 – $5,100. Medium, $4,700 – $6,350. Large, $6,950 – $8,750, depending on finishes.

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  • Materia Designs Fulcrum Sconce in Cognac Calfskin with Brass Arms Ceiling Plate Size Small Hand Cut calfskin or natural goatskin rich hardwood ROOM Furniture

    Fulcrum Sconce

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