Forchette Double Sconce


The Forchette Double Sconce, by Materia Designs, is part of the Forchette Collection, composed of a single lithe brass arm which drops elegantly to a slip cast porcelain, hand-blown glass, or brushed brass shade. The Forchette fixtures were inspired by a collaboration with ceramicist Andrew Molleur, as well as the clustered, asymmetrical arrangements of barnacles in nature. Casting a dramatic downward glow, the Forchette Double Sconce is at once masculine and ethereal.

Dimensions:  6″D X 11″W X 9″H.

Materials / Finishes: Shades in porcelain, hand-blown glass or brass; brass arms. Available in aged brass, aged silver, blackened brass, un-lacquered brass, or blackened brass exterior / un-lacquered brass interior.

Item number: LI382

Price: $1450 – $2390, depending on finishes.


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