Forchette 18 Chandelier


The Forchette 18 Chandelier, by Materia Designs, is part of the Forchette Collection, composed of lithe brass arms, each supporting slip cast porcelain, graphite, or brushed brass shades. The Forchette fixtures were inspired by a collaboration with ceramicist Andrew Molleur, as well as the clustered, asymmetrical arrangements of barnacles in nature. Shown here with 18 shades, the Forchette Chandelier can also be had with groups of 12, or 24 shades, as the 4 Shade Forchette Pendant, or as the Forchette Glass Shade Chandelier, featuring group of 12 hand-blown white glass shades. Casting a dramatic glow, the Forchette 18 Chandelier is organic yet refined, masculine yet elegant.

Dimensions: 42″ x 46″ x 37″h; fixture height to order.

Materials: Shades in porcelain, hand blown glass or brass; brass arms. Several finishes available.

Item number: LI307

Price: $12,500 to $19,990, depending on finishes.


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