Duvet Des Chardons

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Capturing the fragility and ephemeral essence of a thistledown, the Duvet Des Chardons, by Larose Guyon puts a polish on the organic form and reimagines it using noble materials in 16 limited-edition pieces. Boasting an impressive 6’ diameter, yet lent an unexpected lightness, its suspended scintillating silhouette holds 350 meters of narrow golden-hued chains delicately bound together by a 24k gold-plated solid brass structural core. Bespoke lighting mechanics, encased in the cylindrical base and the centered hand-blown glass globe, softly illuminate the radiant chains intermittently and gracefully allow subtle plays in shadow and light. A celestial piece evoking poetry in a superlative form, it is entirely handcrafted and hand-assembled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Requiring the expert hands of master artisans exhaustively for around 80 hours, each unique piece is ultimately completed with a light featuring a warm, candle-like kelvin degree.

Larose Guyon is committed to allocating a portion of its profits to planting 1000 trees for each purchase of the Automne collection. That means a total of 50,000 trees will be planted once the collection is sold out. Each owner of Larose Guyon’s Automne collection will be able to decide where the trees will be planted, in one of the many parts of the world where One Tree Planted is active. Larose Guyon will provide official documents certifying that One Tree Planted has completed the work

Dimensions: 72’’ x 72’’ x 45 1/2’’ H

Drop: Overall height to order

Materials:  Brushed Gold (24k) plated, solid brass, gold plated solid brass chains and glass

Lamping: Dimmable LED / 120V / 2200K

Item number:  LI380

Price: $49000

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