DJ Straight Slab Coffee Table


Each Custom Straight Slab Coffee Table from DeJong & Co. is a unique expression of the original material, sustainably sourced from old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest. Every piece is painstakingly worked by hand to bring out the character of its life cycle. Dominant design elements include charred and polished straight or curved live edges, traditional handmade butterflies, and a patterned diagram of patchwork inlays. Every design is handled with care and specifically laid out to draw attention to the beauty of the grain, and the feel and movement of the patchwork. Glints of brass skip across the surface which is rubbed, waxed, and buffed by hand for a depth and sheen unmatched in character.

Dimensions:  Specify desired dimensions.

Materials: Claro walnut with charred and polished live edges. 

Details:  Patchwork inlays.

Item Number:  TA188

Price: Starting at $6,000, $20,000 as shown. Contact us at for a quote.


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  • De JONG and Co DJ Slab Coffee Table in Claro walnut with charred and polished live edges blackened steel legs Brass chevron butterflies and patchwork inlays ROOM Furniture

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