Custom Stick Lighting


Sometimes off the rack just won’t do. Luckily, ROOM specializes in this mindset, and these stunning photos are just a few examples of the amazing custom Stick Lighting we can create, all of which started as just their basic overall dimensions and configuration. Let us know the space in question – maybe it’s a dynamic stairwell, begging for an ambient centerpiece, or an extra large kitchen island, seeking the perfect accent lighting. Perhaps you need a stunner for your entryway, and this striking spectacle is just the trick. Personalizable in every aspect, find the finishes and materials that call to your heart, then watch us as we work to bring that vision to life. We love collaborating with customers, designers and architects on special projects like these!

Or, of course, if you’d rather stick to the classics, the Pick Up collection can also be had as a 5 Stick Vertical Chandelier5 Stick Horizontal Chandelier6 Stick Chandelier10 Stick Chandelier4 Stick Floor Lamp, or 2 Stick Wall Sconce. No matter the configuration, the effect of the Pick Up Collection is that of ambience, intended for use as a light sculpture. All configurations are fabricated by hand, with  brushed metal rods bonded by welds that are sanded and brushed to ensure a smooth transition, and bulbs mounted at the end of each rod.

If you dare to dream, and create a dynamic fixture that adds drama and elegance to any space, Contact us at and start the discussion.

Dimensions:  Custom made to order

Materials:  Blackened brass, stainless steel, antique brass, burnished brass, brushed brass or bronze.

Lamping: 130V 6watt T4 indicator bulbs, max. 15W.

Item number:  LI231

Please contact us, for pricing.

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