Coco Chandelier – 04


Larose Guyon’s stunning Coco Chandelier is a tribute to Gabrielle Chasnel, famously known as Coco Chanel, who in the 1930s became the first woman to launch a fine jewelry collection. Chanel never left home without her pearls, used not only as jewelry, but as accents sewn into her light, diaphanous evening gowns. Inspired by Coco’s work, the Coco Chandelier imitates the flowing fashion found in a string of pearls, with 10 hand-blown glass globes that can be arranged in several configurations. The entire chandelier itself is also highly adjustable, and itself can be hung in five different configurations to make its mark in any environment. The finishing touch for this luminous gem is a counterweight and hook that can be added and moved from one pearl to another, providing all the flexibility needed for the lamp to take full advantage of any stage. Shown here in Configuration 04.

Dimensions: 32’W’ x 8’’D x 82’’ H”; fixture height to order.  

Materials: Metal in several finishes; mouth-blown glass.

Lamping: LED 2700K (Dim-to-Warm 2200K to 2700K) 2880 Lumens – 40 W per globe.

Item number: LI289

Price: $26,800


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