BU.06.02 Burst Chandelier


The BU.06.02 Burst Chandelier is part of Lindsey Adelman’s Burst Collection, using the same essential vocabulary as the Branching Bubble series, this time distinguished by the addition of hand-blown glass spikes and barnacles rolled in 24k gold foil. The evocative resulting visual evokes both Medieval flail and the style of a 1930’s-era Lanvin collarette.

Dimensions: 90″ x 27″ x 30″H x height to order.

Materials: Glass globes, spikes, and barnacles with brass stamens.  See tear sheet for finishes.

Lamping, 110V:  e26 base, 6w dimmable LED / 2500K.

Lamping, 220V:  e27 base, 6W dimmable LED / 2500K.

Item number: LI

Price: $26,100

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