Bocci 16 Armature


Bocci’s 16 Armature is formed by sequentially pouring three separate puddles of molten glass of varying opacity and color over a horizontal plane. Each layer responds to the indeterminate shape of the previous pour to create a layered whole. Two of these pieces are then attached to house an internal light source. A steel armature system in a soft-touch semi-matte black finish allows pre-composed branches to be easily connected to a series of hubs during installation.

Dimensions: Fixtures are available with the number of pendants ranging from 3 to 26, and a 6.3″ round canopy. Please refer to the tear sheet above for the full range of options.

Materials: Poured glass, electrical components, black canopy, and semi-matte, powder-coat black finish.

Finishes: Grey 1, Grey 2, White 1 or White 2

Lamping: 1.5 w LED lamps included.

Item number: LI251

Price: Please refer to the tear sheet above for all pricing options.



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