Bocci 100 Semi-Rigid


The 100 Semi-Rigid by Bocci brings multiple glass artists together in a performative act. Its elaborate, evocative appearance is owed to its construction; molten glass bubbles are hand blown, then smashed together to produce unpredictable, interlocking glass forms. These experimental pendants can be had in a variety of finishes, and are suspended alone or in groups of 3, 7, 13, 19, 37, or 61, each pendant unique in finish and appearance. The 100 Semi-Rigid uses a flexible suspension system designed to be horizontal, meaning that the pendants don’t hang directly below, but instead are allowed to trail off across space, around a corner, or otherwise appear to defy gravity, giving them an almost sentient sense of purpose and direction. These living glass sculptures use coaxial cable grounded to a rectangular, round or square white powder coated canopy, while smaller swag hooks mounted further from the main canopy provide stability. This impactful molten flow can also be had as a Random fixture, whose pendants hang at various heights for a stunning display of verticality, or as a Table Lamp.

Dimensions:  4.5″D. Canopies range in size, shape and finish with the number of pendants. Please refer to the tear sheet above for the full range of options.

Materials / Finishes: Blown glass, braided metal coaxial cable, brushed nickel or white powder coated canopy, depending on style. Globes available in clear, clear with gray, gray and gray with clear.

Lamping: 1.5W LED, 2000K, 2500K and 3500K, please specify.

Item number: LI432

Price: Please refer to the tear sheet above for all pricing options.


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