Beton Dining Table - Square Top

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The Beton Dining Table (French for ‘concrete’) explores the sculptural side of concrete, elevating this common material into something tactile and dramatic. The cast base supports a wood top, shown here in a square shape and oxidized finish. Also available in round, oval, asymmetrical, surfboard or rectangular versions; select from standard ROOM finishes or let us match one of yours. The concrete is available in several colors and can also be custom-tinted to suit the particular design scheme. Designed for ROOM by Amy Crain.

Dimensions: 74″L x 74″W x 30″ H as shown.

Materials: Concrete base (numerous colors), wood top (select style, wood, finish). Top shown here in recycled oak, for ‘patchwork’ effect, in a custom oxidized finish.

Customization: Made to order in any dimensions, with standard full-length solid wood planks and top options.

Item number: FD170

Pricing: Contact us for pricing.

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