6 Stick Chandelier


The 6 Stick Chandelier is part of Cam Crockford’s Pick Up collection, and is anything but ordinary. Six brushed metal rods are bonded by welds that are sanded and brushed to ensure a smooth transition, with bulbs mounted at the end of each rod. Each intersection of rods is considered a unique point, spawning a new line oriented within the space, forming a melody of new possibilities. Fabricated by hand, the Pick Up collection can be had both in horizontal and vertical configurations to make the most of any environment, available as a 5 Stick Vertical Chandelier, 5 Stick Horizontal Chandelier10 Stick Chandelier4 Stick Floor Lamp2 Stick Wall Sconce, or, for a more personal connection, can be tailored to resonate perfectly with any room in any position as a Custom Stick. No matter the variation, the effect of the Pick Up Collection is that of ambience, intended for use as a light sculpture, rather than primary lighting.

Dimensions:  68″ x 59″ x 53″H

Materials:  Blackened brass, stainless steel, antique brass, burnished brass, brushed brass or bronze.

Lamping: 130V 6watt T4 indicator bulbs, max. 15W.

Item number:  LI231

Price:  Starting at $13,996, pending finish

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