• Bocci 28 Stem Series Suspended

    The 28 stem system, by Bocci, allows for floor, ceiling, or columnar installations and comes in a variety of lengths and pendant quantities. 28 results from an innovative fabrication process that manipulates both the temperature and the direction of air flow into blown glass. The result is a slightly distorted sphere with an interior landscape of satellite shapes, including an opaque milk glass diffuser that houses a 1.5w LED lamp.

  • Duvet Des Chardons

    Capturing the fragility and ephemeral essence of a thistledown, the Duvet Des Chardons, by Larose Guyon puts a polish on the organic form and reimagines it using noble materials in 16 limited-edition pieces. Boasting an impressive 6’ diameter, yet lent an unexpected lightness, its suspended scintillating silhouette holds 350 meters of narrow golden-hued chains delicately bound together by a 24k gold-plated solid brass structural core. Bespoke lighting mechanics, encased in the cylindrical base and the centered hand-blown glass globe, softly illuminate the radiant chains intermittently and gracefully allow subtle plays in shadow and light. A celestial piece evoking poetry in a superlative form, it is entirely handcrafted and hand-assembled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Requiring the expert hands of master artisans exhaustively for around 80 hours, each unique piece is ultimately completed with a light featuring a warm, candle-like kelvin degree.

  • Helena Chaise

    The Helena Chaise features a low, tight seat with rounded, tapered legs and exposed wood frame.  Standard with one 20″ throw pillow.  Made to order in our workroom and available in custom sizes.

  • Valse Au Crepuscule

    Capturing the spell and beauty of a suspended moment in time is a quiet breathtaking proposition that lures like an enchanting waltz and entices with a magical pull. Defiant yet discreet, the Valse au Crepuscule, by Larose Guyon, with its subtle idiosyncrasies alludes to the sensuous shapes of nature yet embraces the sharp opulence of jewelry. Part of a limited-edition collection of 16 unique pieces, each striking installation boasts hundreds of brass fibre leaves hanging from a hand-woven net of golden chains, warmly lit by translucent hand-blown glass fruitage and 24K gold-plated adornments. Expert artisans work meticulously and minutely for more than 120 hours on each piece. Handcrafted from precious materials and hand-assembled with great care and precision, each sculptural work is fitted with a light featuring a warm candle-like kelvin degree.

  • Campbell Lounge Chair and Ottoman

    The Campbell lounge chair is one of Milo Baughman’s iconic midcentury modern masterpieces. Originally designed in 1965, this sleek and luxurious lounge chair and ottoman is an AID award winning design. This trendsetting lounge chair features a brushed stainless steel frame with padded arms and luxurious seating and back support. An accompanying ottoman is also available to complete the look

  • Fleur de Velour

    Exploring nature and color in 16 covetable limited-edition pieces, the Fleur de Velours, by Larose Guyon, recalls the changing hues and the fascinating shapes of the exotic Typhina tree. With leaves burnished red during the autumnal interlude and velvet-smooth antler-like branches, it conjures blissful vibrant images that have permeated our memories and colored our youth. Paying homage to its illustrious foliage that extends a rare bewitching glimpse of time in motion is a harmonious work crafted from the finest materials. Featuring a solid brass structure, meticulously handcrafted delicate brass-fiber leaves, and hand-blown glass globes adorned with ornamental 24k gold-plated pieces, it effortlessly blends exceptional workmanship with refinement. Taking around 60 hours to entirely craft and assemble by hand with the utmost care and exceptional attention to detail, each piece is ultimately outfitted with a light featuring a warm candle-like kelvin degree.

  • Pick Up Collection

    The Pick Up collection is anything but ordinary. Each intersection is considered to produce unique points and line oriented within the space. Originally conceived by designer Billy Cotton, each piece is fabricated entirely by hand in standard or custom configurations. The rods are bonded by welds, sanded and brushed to create a smooth transition. The effect of the Pick Up Collection is ambient, intended as light sculpture rather than primary lighting.

  • Jonah Desk

    The Jonah Desk has a mid-century flair, with tapered, angled legs, 4 drawer boxes and minimal cut-out handles.  Shown in a grey oxidized maple, the desk is made to order in several woods and finishes, and can be made in custom sizes as well.

  • Newell Sectional

    ROOM’s Newell Sectional, created in conjunction with Kathryn Eisberg of KE Design, features a tight upholstered double-horizontal channeled back, plinth style base and curved frame. Hand-made in our workroom, this design is made to order and can be configured to your exact specifications.