• Equipal Chair

    By far the most complex design in the Luteca collection, the Equipal chair was first realized in 1964 and never originally designed to be a production series chair. With over 55 separate components that are individually hand bent and finished with custom upholstery, it is an art piece which is technically and architecturally remarkable. Iconic in design, it’s a benchmark of Luteca’s quality and production capabilities.  Designed by Pedro Ramirez Vasquez.

  • BB.07.49

    The newly added BB.07.59 is part of the Lindsey Adelmean limited edition collection. Hand-crafted in Lindsey's Manhattan studio, using hand-blown glass and precision machined brass.

  • Octanov Cabinet

    The painted black wood and elegant arrangement of legs make this an extremely interesting and striking piece of furniture, while the mirrored bronze back adds further interest. Constructed using traditional joinery techniques in solid hardwood.  Designed by Alexander Andersson.

  • BB.10.24

    The limited edition Branching Bubble Chandeliers are hand-crafted in Lindsey Adelman’s Manhattan studio, using hand-blown glass and precision machined brass. The BB.10.24 vertical design is inspired by natural phenomena.

  • N Dining Chair

    A highly versatile and simple design, meticulously hand crafted with traditional joinery techniques. It is a modern classic and comes with a leather seat. Designed by Alexander Andersson.

  • BP.05.02

    The Branching Pendant is inspired by natural phenomena, Branching designs explore the visual
    tension that results from mixing hand-made, sensual forms with precise,
    machined components.

  • Atra Chair

    Distinctly mid-century in flavor, combined with Andersson’s unique Mexican vision, the Atra chair is a fiercely striking and beautiful piece of furniture. Designed to stand alone in any room or sit with furniture of any design, it is hand crafted with traditional joinery techniques and meticulously tailored at the finish. Designed by Alexander Andersson.